Maple End Grain Cutting Board
Maple End Grain Cutting Board
Maple End Grain Cutting Board
Maple End Grain Cutting Board
Maple End Grain Cutting Board
Maple End Grain Cutting Board
Maple End Grain Cutting Board
Maple End Grain Cutting Board
Maple End Grain Cutting Board
Maple End Grain Cutting Board

Maple End Grain Cutting Board

Regular price $300.00

Known for its lasting strength and durability, maple has long been the traditional wood used for cutting boards and butcher's blocks. We use sustainably harvested (certified FSC) premium-grade maple for these beautiful blonde colored boards.

Prior to shipping, each butcher block is sanded smooth, given a soak in our pharmacy grade mineral oil tank for 30+ minutes, allowed to dry overnight, and then buffed with Boardsmith Board Butter. 

Note: maple lumber prices have risen steadily for the last year and a half, increasing 70% during that time. According to our sawmill, prices are expected to continue rising throughout 2022 due to supply shortages and higher transportation costs. We will be making periodic pricing adjustments as our costs increase. 

Built to be beautiful. Built to last.

average weights of butcher block (after oiling) are:

12 X 18,  9-10 lbs

16 X 22, 18-19 lbs

18 X 24, 23-24 lbs

Our standard butcher blocks are 2" thick. Feet add an additional 7/8" and are highly recommended unless the user is under 5'3" (160cm) in height. 

Custom Engraving also available! Learn more →

Feet are installed on your board to provide stability and air circulation. We strongly encourage this, and most of our customers agree.


  • Your board will arrive already seasoned and ready for use. We use a pharmacy grade, food safe mineral oil, followed by beeswax, for water resistance and protection.
  • End Grain cutting boards are more scratch-resistant and easier on knives than other boards, but still avoid using serrated knives


  • Hand-wash with hot, soapy water. Always dry thoroughly.
  • Never soak or submerge board in water, or place in the dishwasher.
  • To help maintain water repellency, apply our Board Butter (or a combination of heated mineral oil and beeswax) to the cutting surface periodically. First clean and sanitize the board, then apply paste with a soft cloth. Rub into the surface and wipe off any excess.  

*Photos are for demonstration only. Yours will look unique due to the variations in natural wood

Cutting boards are made-to-order - Please allow 2-3 weeks for us to prepare your order for shipping.

  • Traditional end-grain construction withstands years of use
  • Crafted with only sustainably sourced premium grade hardwood 
  • Individually handcrafted with careful attention to details such as wood grain direction and seamless joinery
  • Easier on your knife edge compared to 'long' or 'edge' grain cutting boards.
  • Smoothly beveled edges and corners
  • High quality food-safe and waterproof glue
  • Wood encased shock absorbing feet attached with stainless steel screws
  • Finished with food grade mineral oil and beeswax
  • Easy to maintain
  • Doubles as a beautiful serving platter for bread, cheese and appetizers.
  • Designed and made in the USA

Custom Engraving available! - learn more here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 166 reviews
Leslee Ness

Attractive, functional and instructions make it easy to preserve

Great quality

Very happy with my purchase. It’s gorgeous and functional

Fatemeh keyghobad
Cutting Board

Very nice products! Highly recommended .

Great gift for my husband

My husband had been wanting a nice butcher block style cutting board for our kitchen counter and was really impressed with quality when he opened it on Father's Day. Thank you!

Sun S
Top quality

I'm a first-time wood cutting board owner, and I'm so happy I went with Boardsmith. I ordered the Maple End Grain 12x18 board without juice grooves and without feet (so I could use both sides). I was debating between Boos & Boardsmith, but saw so many reviews of Boos boards splitting shortly after use or even arriving split. Not the case with Boardsmith, the board arrived extremely well oiled & buttered - the wood looked absolutely gorgeous and it was wrapped in paper that absorbed some of the oil/butter (definitely a sign these boards are prepped and packaged with care, which I appreciate because these cost a pretty penny). The board came with detailed instructions that I refer back to every once in a while.

I've been using the board religiously (multiple times a day) for about 1.5 months now, and this board is AMAZING. Shows absolutely no signs of knicks from my knives, and no signs of splitting. I already had the oil they recommended, but I'd also buy the Boardsmith board butter. The butter really helped return the board to its original glory. Oiling once a week, and buttering once a month seems to do the job for me.

Rubber feet

For extra stability & air circulation

Perimeter Juice Groove

To catch messy liquids (on the top side only)

Finger Grooves

For easy lifting

"A superb craftsman"

"This maple butcher block is the most beautiful and useful kitchen purchase I could have made. John Loftis is a superb craftsman who was most accommodating and a pleasure to do business with. Thank you, John, your passion is evident in your work. I will enjoy this cutting board for many years." - Michele K.