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Hand Made Board Feet - Set of 4

Hand Made Board Feet - Set of 4

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Boardsmith cutting board feet are comprised of two parts: an outer wooden escutcheon that we make by hand in our shop, and an inner polyurethane foot or bumper that nests inside the escutcheon. The wood is pre-treated with pure mineral oil prior to shipping. The butcher block feet set also includes four, #10, pan-head stainless steel screws. Unlike normal coated screws, stainless steel screws will not rust with prolonged exposure to moisture.

The total height of the wooden cutting board feet and escutcheons is approximately 7/8" tall.

Written instructions:
1) Mark the screw hole locations on the bottom of the butcher block. I normally recommend around 1 1/2" in from each corner. If it's a small cutting board like a sidekick, go closer to the outer corner. 

2) Using a 5/32" drill bit, pre-drill a 1/2" deep hole at each screw location. You can also use a 1/8" (tight fit) or a 9/64" bit (snug fit), but 5/32" tends to work best.

3) Using the same bit, pre-drill through the center of each polyurethane bumper. This isn't critical, but it makes installation easier.

4) Using a regular Phillips head screwdriver, thread the screw through the foot and escutcheon until the screw tip is protruding.

5) place the screw tip into the pre-drilled hole in the cutting board and hand tighten until the wooden escutcheon no longer turns freely. Make sure you don't overtighten and drive the screw all the way through the polyurethane foot.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Tim Henderson

Should have ordered these in the board to start with.

Paul Carroll
Perfect addition

My board was a gift. Feet weren't ordered. I ordered the feet. Easy to add, now my board is perfect

Timothy Pelletier
Beautiful cutting board

Look of the board is phenomenal. Board feet absolutely glued this thing to my granite. I’ve only used the board for cutting meat a few times and a little worried that I can feel the seams of the end cuts where moisture touched the board. I’ve doused it in mineral and buffed in board butter so hopefully over time that reduces.

Ben Hockenhull
Great quality, highly responsive customer service

Love the boards, and needed some feet for another project. John was quick to respond and quick to assist me with my request. Super impressed with the service provided!

Prashanta Laddu
Cutting board feet

These walnut cutting board feet are awesome and look beautiful. They really complemented my cutting board. The item was shipped promptly, and the communication was great. Would definitely order again.