Press Mentions

America's Test Kitchen & Cook's Illustrated

"We minced parsley, chopped onions, sliced loaves of bread, pounded chicken cutlets, and cleaved pounds of bone-in chicken parts on them. We chopped chipotle chile in adobo sauce on them, washed them, and then checked for stains and odors. We also washed each board by hand more than 100 times, maintaining the boards with mineral oil as needed. In addition to conducting rounds of user testing in the kitchen, we sent copies of the boards home with staffers for some real-life testing in their kitchens. Models were evaluated on their durability, stability, ease of use, and maintenance."

And after all that we came out in the Top 3 and were rated "Highly Recommended"


GQ Magazine

GQ Magazine tested a number of butcher blocks and rated our board the best luxury butcher block:

Organic Authority

Organic Authority ranked as as one of the top sustainable butcher block makers (based on criteria such as food safety, sustainable practices, etc)

LA Times

We were also fortunate to be featured in the Los Angeles Times