Personalized Maple & Walnut Cutting Board
Personalized Maple & Walnut Cutting Board
Personalized Maple & Walnut Cutting Board
Personalized Maple & Walnut Cutting Board

Personalized Maple & Walnut Cutting Board

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These are one of our most popular gift items, especially for weddings and housewarmings.

Comprised of face grain maple and walnut, we will personalize the maple with the last name of your choosing. We can also add a date (eg anniversary, birthday, wedding) or “Est. 2018″ on the bottom corner of the board. We recommend allowing the engraved side to be displayed, but cutting on the opposite side.

12″ X 18″ X 1 1/4”

Built to be beautiful. Built to last.


  • Your board will arrive already seasoned and ready for use. We use a pharmacy grade, food safe mineral oil, followed by beeswax, for water resistance and protection.
  • End Grain cutting boards are more scratch-resistant and easier on knives than other boards, but still avoid using serrated knives


  • Hand-wash with hot, soapy water. Always dry thoroughly.
  • Never soak or submerge board in water, or place in the dishwasher.
  • To help maintain water repellency, apply our Board Butter (or a combination of heated mineral oil and beeswax) to the cutting surface periodically. First clean and sanitize the board, then apply paste with a soft cloth. Rub into the surface and wipe off any excess.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mike Loftis
Beautiful Walnut Mosaic

Simply the most gorgeous cutting board EVER! And you might think you don’t want to use it and scratch it up because of how beautiful it is, but you would be WRONG. This board is not only beautiful, but it is also super tough and holds up insanely well. You get what you pay for - and this cutting board company is totally WORTH IT!

Justin Wang
Just get the board

It was perfect. Looks stunning - gets lots of compliments!

Michael J McCoy
Purchased as a gift

We purchased this as a gift. We thought it was beautiful, they absolutely loved it.

Michael S
just the right gift

Nothing better than giving something that is practical, durable, and will be a reminder of your friendship forever.

Rubber feet

For extra stability & air circulation

Perimeter Juice Groove

To catch messy liquids (on the top side only)

Finger Grooves

For easy lifting

"A superb craftsman"

"This maple butcher block is the most beautiful and useful kitchen purchase I could have made. John Loftis is a superb craftsman who was most accommodating and a pleasure to do business with. Thank you, John, your passion is evident in your work. I will enjoy this cutting board for many years." - Michele K.