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Personalized Maple & Walnut Cutting Board

Personalized Maple & Walnut Cutting Board

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Add Finger Grooves ($15)
Add Perimeter Juice Groove ($25)

These personalized maple and walnut cutting boards are one of our most popular gift items, especially for weddings and housewarmings.

Comprised of face grain maple and walnut, we will personalize the maple with the last name of your choosing. We can also add a date (eg anniversary, birthday, wedding) or “Est. 2018″ on the bottom corner of the custom board. We recommend allowing the custom engraved side to be displayed, but cutting on the opposite side.

12″ X 18″ X 1 1/4”

Built to be beautiful. Built to last.

*Photos are for demonstration only. Yours will look unique due to the variations in natural wood

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jennifer Ellis
Very Impressed!

It’s beautiful. Thank you for answering my questions in a prompt manner & delivery time was perfect! I will highly recommend your company!

Georgette Bird
Best Board Ever!!

They are built to last, look amazing and are the perfect gift for yourself or others. Get one or 2. They have multiple sizes and designs.

Melissa Jackson
Excellent product and support

I am very pleased with the purchase and the support. I will definitely buy again.

Cameron Colwell
Personalized gift

Great board for a gift

Julia Van Loon
Lovely board but wish we were asked which side we’d like for personalization...

It's a beautiful board - the only comment is I would have personalized the side that had the grooves.

Thanks much for the feedback, Julia! The reason we engrave one side and put the juice groove on the other is to allow one side to be a work surface and one side to be a display surface. You generally don’t want to cut on top of an engraving, as the laser engraved recess can hold food debris. And cut marks will eventually wear away the engraving.